Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday photos- round 1

I am going to get a few pictures in right now, and since I have at least 2 weeks to catch up on, AND I have a bunch that are not edited, it will take a day or two!  Enjoy!!

I hope you can find some joy in these images!  Some you have seen, some you have not!

Until next time........  Be a joy giver!


  1. Boy do I hear ya on the trying to catch up with things ~ all of a sudden it just seems like everyone is cramming in the last of the summer. I'm glad you were able to make a trip to see your Mom and visit the zoo:) Awesome pics Deb ~ and you're right about the gorilla with the soulful eyes... he does look sad. Thanks for sharing and have a great remainder of the summer... school is right around the corner. Are you ready for it??

  2. Oh, I love Sunday round 1! The gorilla is my fav. Wonder what he's thinking... assuming gorillas think.

  3. Barbara, I thought exactly the same thing! With a look like that it's hard to believe that gorillas DON'T think.