Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adventures in Tiling

I am posting because I have many friends who are interested in my tile laying saga!  I am probably about half done with this project and am frankly exhausted!  I did nothing except laundry, dishes and tile work for 3 days!! And then today, long day of classes, walk, dinner, tile!!   I whine, I know!

So here is a bit of a rundown on what has been going on...........

Our bathroom needed some serious help, so I employed Carpenter Joe to get it done!!  We started with a pretty old, dated, pink bathroom with an old, leaking bathtub and a really cold shower!  Not a pleasant way to start or end the day.  The window has been replaced, the tub removed with some effort, apparently, new plumbing put in all over the place and now a new bathtub.
Out with the old

I will be done with pink now!


Rebuilding begins

Bathtub disposal, the easy way!

It took a little doing, but the tub was loaded and gotten rid of!

New tub and beginning of tiles

I will say, there was not a seam out of place!  

I have picked out pretty much everything that is going into this room, and so I have a personal stake in this!  So I was elected to tile, much to my excitement and chagrin!  Never have done it before, other than the random stuff that I do with concrete sculpture!!  I am a random kind of person, so all that measuring and symmetry and precision is frightening!  I do enjoy using a nice power tool, though!

Little cubby for shower/tub

Grouting is fun- just keep saying it over and over.

Tile is fun, just keep saying it over and over

This is how far I have gotten as of Sept. 6!!!!
I have multiple days of work to do yet, but it is awesome to see it coming along.  And I promise I will not do away with the Mad-Accountant before it is all said and done!!  :)

Until next time, finding joy is sometimes really hard work!!  But keep after it!


  1. Wow, Debi! I can't really see the floor tiles but the shower/tub tiles look beautiful! If you ever lose your teaching job, I know what your second calling might be. I'll look forward to updates.

  2. So you've just been practicing with Lola and friends!!! Nice work!

  3. It'll be so worth it when you're done! It looks great.

  4. Do you "whistle while you work" at that tile job? Looks like a great project that will bring joy for many years to come. Can't wait to see it with the finishing touches.