Sunday, September 25, 2011


So here is the bathroom update as promised.  The only thing is that the trim is not on yet, that should be accomplished this week.  And then I will have to paint it.
So I staged the place with the only towels that look decent in there, so if there are any gift giving friends/relatives/passing acquaintances who want to buy me a nice thick mushy set of brown or cream towels, that would be FANTASTIC!!!!  :)  Lol.

Also, you will see in the photos the lovely glass of dark and nasty beer that I love so much that later (about 5 minutes later) became a tragedy.  That is right, the whole thing spilled right on the kitchen floor-- such a waste of perfectly good Berghoff beer.  Fortunately the wine glass did not hit the floor, not sure how I ended up having the little rim at the bottom under my hand, but I did. So the kitchen then smelled pretty stale for the evening, had to get out the Mr. Clean and everything.  Only got to have about 1/4 bottle, tops.  Sigh.

So here goes some photos for you-
 And btw, we have an unusual situation, in that there are two doors into this bathroom.  In that tiny little room, it is insane, but what are you going to do?

North/east corner

South/east corner- I hate the lack of trim to show you

Door and shower area

Awesome new bathtub and shower.  Notice the beer about to sacrifice itself.
 I enjoy drinking my beer in wine glasses.  Makes me feel special!  :)
Love the little splash of blue in the shower curtain


Tile of fabulosity!!
Unsung hero- fan, HEATER,  and light!!!
Now this will give me joy everyday!!!
Debi admiring her handywork, along with the skills of Carpenter Joe

Wanna see how it began???  Remember that??   Ugh, I am trying to forget.....


  1. nice new room you do great work. HGTV is still trying to call!

  2. Awesome spa like! Thanks for sharing pix.
    Susie g

  3. The bathroom remodel looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, Debi. The tile work looks like it was done by a professional. You did an awesome job!

  4. Hell! HGTV wants their bathroom BACK!!!

  5. Thank you all!! I can't wait for the trim to be on and it will be officially finished!!!!! I appreciate your comments. Lol, HGTV!!