Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is my favorite!

You gotta love fall.  The leaves, the colors, the foods, the lack of hot weather!  All good things, the only draw back to fall is what follows.  But we wouldn't appreciate summer nearly as much if we didn't have that contrast.  You don't feel joy as fully if you don't experience occasional strife or sadness.  You won't feel love as fully if you don't go through tough times as well.  So I am enjoying the colors of fall to their fullest, because I know what will follow and I remember what is recently passed.  And I do embrace them all- even if I whine about the hard times.  :)

Many of these photos were taken during Saturday's 2 hour long marathon walk!  6.8 miles!!  Some were taken in the past 2 weeks.  More posts will follow

Maple Ridge Road

Glorious sunrise


Color near Park Falls

Horses of many colors

My favorite picture from Saturday's walk
Another tequila sunset

Amazing reds

On my road, adjacent to our driveway
Ground cover

Stone house in shadow
Late afternoon beauty

A crayon box of color

On Maple Ridge Rd

Captivating view

Add caption

Saturday night's sunset
Until next time, enjoy the views!!!

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