Sunday, October 30, 2011

ART Convention, 2011

I had a great time at the art convention this year.  Knowing where you are going is really helpful and makes for little stress when it comes to driving, finding and parking! The convention was at the Eau Claire Arts Center near the Civic Center in downtown Eau Claire.  The Civic center has a multilevel parking garage, which makes it easy to find a place to put your car!

Eau Claire is a beautiful city and I was fortunate enough to attend college there.  They have a gorgeous, revitalized downtown and have a sculpture collection in that area- located down Barstow.  It is apparently not a permanent collection, but is there for a while.  I did walk the sculpture tour a couple times- the first time being on Thursday afternoon, when I was trapped under awnings and then a bus stop during a rain/sleet/hail scattered shower kind of event. There were blue skies within view while it was downpouring.
Seedling 2



Vitruvian Man

Mind, body and soul

Circle of Friends

We had some really good sessions to attend, including a session on creativity, lots of art based sessions, mural making and all sorts of other things.
Sculpture idea- Nevelson based

Sculpture idea in process

Mural example

My dear friend and professor, Lynn Jermal, Phd
I really love seeing all of the great art all over the city, too.  That is besides the wonderful sculpture walk!  There are tons of shops and random beautiful vignettes all over.
Ceramic pieces in the Janet Carson Art Gallery

More clay pieces

Painting by a former prof of mine

I love this!
Stained glass light fixture

Set of torsos

I love the random Mona Lisas!
I found and hung out with Paula McD at the conference- Paula is just awesome and we have a great time together at these meetings.  We find wonderful places to eat and this year was no exception.  Harmony Corner is a place that features local food, including homemade soups, great coffee, and wonderful salads with fresh breads. 

Debi and Paula

GREAT place to eat downtown Eau Claire

Luncheon salad with a side of turkey- plus a Mocha lite, no whip
 It was so good that we went there both Thursday and Friday!  I had an awesome corn chowder and a salad on Friday, with really good coffee.  I will revisit Harmony Corner someday soon.

Then of course there was the requisite shopping excursion, which lasted from about 3:30 or so until 9!!  Power shopping is a must when you have that opportunity!
BEHOLD:  The Oakwood mall of fabulosity!

One of the BEST things I did was participate in a hands on vendor workshop where I made two fused glass necklaces.  They are so so beautiful and I have most of the materials to make them.

So, I was blessed with mostly great weather, a very nice place to stay and an awesome convention that renewed my energies and boosted my spirits.....  and what more could a joyful person ask for?

Until next time, find your joy!

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