Sunday, October 23, 2011

A bounty of (photo) riches

So, Lola thinks that I have not posted NEARLY enough pictures of her this year, so here is her loveliness surrounded by fall beauty.  She is slightly resentful of the lack of -ahem- companion that I promised her earlier this year, but I swear I have the crow mostly made.  I just didn't get to the cement! Sorry Lola, I will make a few more things over the winter and the concrete will be first thing in the spring......

Queen Lola 
Well, now that she is happy I can go on with my pictures.  See, Lola didn't get any companions that are actually in completed form, because as many of you know, I have been walking my buns off, literally and figuratively.  And as you know, I always have some sort of digital recording device along with me- camera- and I do take a lot of photos!  I have a bunch of pix that I haven't posted at all, and I have even more on my cameras, so the posting isn't even done for the day YET!!

I have a variety of landscape pix and a couple of artsy ones, where I was goofing around with some settings on the camera and focus and depth of field.  Enjoy the bounty!
Color experiment

Close focus

Medium focus

Distance focus

Nosy cat focus
Bark patterns
Favorite tree

Ridge of birch

Tamarack swamp

Just Perfect!

Red berries, white birch

Tangle of branches

Seedheads and cobwebs

Alma Potschke aster


Still-life in orange
Sun bather
Long horn, full curl sheep

At the end of the tree tunnel

Breath taking evening
Frosty post


Amazing patterns

Criss-cross clouds

Favorite tree, different angle!

Deer path

Tucked away and almost forgotten



There is the first round, the next should follow later. today or tonight.  I'm sick of sitting for now!  :)

Until next time, be a joy giver!

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