Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bounty part 2

This little group of photos were taken today (Oct. 23) and it was admittedly a bit dreary out.  At least it wasn't raining when I went for my walk.  I still found some good shots!  It always takes longer to get through my walk than it actually should, but short of leaving the camera at home (gasp), I just cannot walk by these things that I see and leave them unrecorded.  Just impossible!

Later this week I will be heading out to the great town of EauClaire to the Wisconsin Art Education Association convention. It is being held downtown at the Civic Center, or what ever it is called now. I always enjoy networking with my colleagues, getting free, good, art junk, and being professionally revved by the great workshops that are offered.  AND there might be some post convention shopping as well!  I hope to find a place to walk - I imagine the Oakwood mall might fit the bill!! Text or call me if you are in the area--

But I digress, here are my latest pix- hope you enjoy!!


Tamarack swamp

Random stuff tacked onto an old tree

Stein farm

Stein farm

Stone and tree

Red berries



Abstract ripples

Ducks on the water...


Until next time, find joy- even under mostly cloudy skies!


  1. You have been so busy getting out and about, capturing autumn's beauty. It reminds me to take a moment ever so often and look up from the grindstone!

  2. Fun to see your take on the local scenery:) Gorgeous sunrise! Hope your trip is going well - sounds fun.