Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little kid art

We have been busy, busy, busy at the Elementary school, and I have found a few minutes to put up art from all the grade levels in the hall.  I wanted to share some of the projects we have done so far.  Not all of them, but a good representation.

First up:
4th grade collects insects for science and we do a line lesson making up Imaginary insects.

Lol, one kid named his insect Dave

 Next up are 1st and second grades:

Here are some line designs using their names, from second graders (markers, and yarn). This helps me establish their names in my mind!
 Below are Monet-style flowers and vases by the first graders.

 5th grade started the year with line designs called Zentangles.  These are all displayed together on black tag board.

 Back to first grade and leaf printing with glowing fluorescent paint and chalk

 Kindergarten is up next:

These are their clowns that are made with primary colors and shapes......  I fondly call these "Clowns on Crack"  I love these faces.  Lol!!!!

 More 2nd grade work

I know that the 3rd grade is missing, but will update soon.  We have some awesome paintings that are in the drying rack as I speak.  They will be up soon!!

Until next time, enjoy these wonderful examples of student art!!


  1. Art is your personal diary where you may color your thoughts and emotions on a page. ~Sara, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999

  2. Fun stuff, Debi. I bet you have a blast with the young-ins!

  3. thanks so much TN and Barbara!!

    Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater. ~Gail Godwin