Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stone house

I have a fascination with abandoned old houses..........

 I am not sure exactly why- the mystery, the story, the decay of the materials, or the undisturbed beauty and dignity of the structure, but for whatever reason I am attracted to them.  I have a few places that I have been photographing regularly- like the ghost house and an old abandoned golden house that is right across from my favorite: the stone house.
Ghost house

Old abandoned goldish house
The Stone house is a beautiful building that is constructed of split and whole stone.  The walls are really rock solid (pun intended!) while the roof and floors are deteriorating slowly.

Front of house

Southwest Elevation

In decline

As seen through the window

Back corner


Nestled in
I will be looking for some stone house snow pictures this year!  I do not have any, which is a glaring hole in my collection.
I hope you enjoyed this little photo-journal.  I will be updating it as I go along.  I hope not too soon with the snow pix though!  :)

Until next time, be a joy giver!

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