Sunday, October 16, 2011

Plateaus and milestones and pictures!

I have been stuck in my weight loss a little bit lately.  I have awesome friends who tell me that I am building muscle, and that my body is needing to readjust, and that I need to be patient.....  Well, that is probably all true, but it does not help when I obsessively get on the scale every morning for the last 8 days and the scale says virtually the same thing.  Ugh.  So I have reevaluated my day and have decided I probably am getting less than vigilant about my portion size, and I NEVER log in my coffee creamer in my food list on Loseit.  Baaaaaaaaad madartteacher.  Lol.

 So, I will be watching out for that kind of thing and I looked to conquer a new challenge for myself- a 1000 calorie exercise session.  Some of my heros- my loseit friends who are absolute exercise machines- do that with astonishing regularity.  Most of them manage that by biking or using the elliptical or arc trainer- but I wanted to do it with my walking.  I, after all, have gotten most of this weight loss by walking and walking and walking.....  So I figured out a long loop that is 8.3 miles, according to the map on runkeeper, but the GPS figured it out as closer to 8.6!!! (you can see the map by following the link)  And indeed, I got a 1007 calorie burn from that little trek.  And I sort of wish I hadn't walked for an hour the night before, as this one definitely kicked my rear!  Wow, I would have gotten into a car with ANyONE if they would have stopped during my last mile!!!  :)  But I did it and I am so pleased.  Now that did not translate into a weight loss this morning, but I am going to continue to be patient and give it time.

Oh!  And I got some great pictures, plus there are some other ones from my SLR camera that I had forgotten I took!  BONUS!!


Tamarack tree in the sun


Dead but gorgeous

Fall beauty in miniature

Abstract stream

Perfect fall day
Poisonous beauty

Did a little experimenting with the photo editing- not sure about these two
Sepia version

Black and white version

And here are our bonus pictures!!!

Leaves of gold and green

Sunshine and spiderweb

Sunshine through the leaves

Portrait of Lola with pink sunset

Pink sunset

Fall sunset
So until next time, be persistent, have a goal and look around you for your joy!


  1. I am SO proud of you-you rock! And your "perfect fall day" picture is truly amazing!!

  2. Fabulous shots Debi - really amazing.

  3. Thanks, you all are so awesome

  4. Beautiful pictures, Debi! It was nice seeing Lola again. She gets prettier with age!!