Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend of Shopping and walking

This past weekend I went shopping with my dear friend Luann- to the grand berg of Wausau!  Really, I was shopping for Madrigal dress fabric, but we ended up hitting several places of business!  We were fortunate enough to discover a lovely new place to eat on Rib Mountain Drive called "Camille's"
Look at how cute Luann looks!  And how adorable is the decor in Camille's!!!?   It was so cute and had great food.  Here is a shot of my terrific salad- A joy to behold!  

I had mad good luck at the fabric store- found great dress making textiles right away.... but that will be a subject of another post!
Sunday found me doing a great long walk- another side trip on my journey to great health.  I went on the 5.75 mile loop- from county E to Maple Ridge to Wagner Road and then back on E to our road.  It was a gorgeous warm day and lent it self well to photography!  I even took a little side trip up a hill to get a good look in the window of the stone house that I like so well.  I will make the stone  house a separate post, soon, too!
Favorite tree!

A little bit of color left

Fall berries

The forest and the trees

Seed pods

Another abandoned home

No one's home anymore
Beautiful fields

Oak leaves

Later in the day, I went back in the woods to check out the little cabin in the woods and see what the Mad-Accountant was up to....  he was doing a little cabin touch up and winterizing.  I went back along the trails to the west and took a few pix back there.
Little cabin in the fall

A little oil being applied to the logs

Gorgeous in it's starkness

Finally, here is the evening sky over Park Falls- it was a wonderful weekend, full of joys.
Evening sky
Until next time, be a joy-giver!


  1. The favorite tree has lost its leaves! I also like the seed pods.

  2. Lol, yep Allyce, that it did! Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed....