Saturday, November 5, 2011

Adventures with Ruger

Ruger, the new grandpuppy, had a great weekend here in Park Falls.  First of all, he had the undivided attention of all Oswalds, as his buddy "Toby, the Incredibly Well Behaved Springer" was not along for the weekend.

Couldn't you just love this little girl up???

Toby the incredibly well behaved Springer!! From last spring

Ruger is a pretty good little girl, but not yet incredibly well behaved!  Lol, but the little thing is only 3 months old!
All together now- AWWWWWWW!

Ruger's list of adventures:

1.  Ruger went along with Grandma Debi to feed the horse in the morning when Dad was visiting relatives. Ruger began the morning by barking at Lola!  Lola was not impressed, but forgave the little thing for her ignorance.

 1.a  Ruger, then, barked and barked at Jacpot, who was not really very amused!


Good lord, I could squish that little thing like a bug!

2.  Ruger dragged out her bag of dogfood after Grandma Debi shoved her into the house so the horse could eat in peace and quiet!

3. After going for a short walk, Ruger managed to find and start to consume all of the catfood she could get a hold of!  The cats weren't real happy with this, either.

4.  Greg took Ruger grouse hunting, but all they got was a crow.
They had a grand time!
5. Ruger dashed off away from Greg after this picture was taken and ran into the horse pasture and proceeded to try to eat horse droppings.  ew.

6.  Ruger greeted Grandma Debi at the door with her computer microfiber cloth in her mouth, after being left in the house  alone, for a second (and last) time.  Later, Debi's IPhone was found on the floor with lick marks all over the screen.

How can you not forgive this face??

7. Later in the day, Ruger chased the horse around the paddock, apparently thinking that the horse was enjoying himself.  If only I had photos of this adventure!  Greg had to go in after her and carry her out.

Puppy love

As you can imagine, after all that barking and chasing and walking and hunting, some of us slept really well that night.....
Oh man, I'm tired

I am sure I am missing a few of her antics, but you get the idea!  On a positive note, she does not bark much (other than at Lola and the horse) and does not beg for food!  Really good traits for a puppy!  

I am looking forward to the next visit from Greg and Ruger, and hopefully Sarah and Toby will be with them.  Deer season is only a couple weeks away!!  I think I will make sure my camera batteries are well charged!  Adventures await......

Until next time, find some adventures and enjoy them like a puppy!


  1. Awww... I'm loving the name Ruger :) Cute post ~ my beloved dog of 14 years passed away in July and the family is thinking I need another. I just don't feel up to taking on all the chores involved with a new puppy. Maybe next spring.

  2. Puppies can wear you out. Great post Ms Sunshine! Loved the story line. Beautiful pics of a spunky puppy.