Friday, November 4, 2011

Pictures from the week- October 29 - Nov. 3

I am always taking pictures while I walk, whether at home, or out for exercise -it is something I am compelled to do!  I rarely get through a walk with out stopping at least once!  Here are the photos from this past weekend and beyond.....

Frosty mornings and sunny afternoons
Sunny afternoon

Frost on seed heads v.1

Azalea leaf

leaf bags v.1

Amazing clouds- Weinberger barn

Dad's tractor- detail

Frosty seedpods v.2

Leafbag v.2


Frosty seedpods v.3

Old watertower

Ruger and Lola

Leaf bags v. 3

Tractor lights

Frosted leaf

Smith Creek

In reverse 
Seed pods
I have a couple more Stone house pictures-- from late afternoon, long shadows: a different look.

I find particular joy in these pictures.... I hope you can find your particular joy, too!


  1. Looks a bit nippy! Great shots of the frost.

  2. Thanks TN! It was chilly!! :)

  3. I love your pics Deb. What is the story with the stome house? Do you know the history?

  4. Whoops! I meant stone house.... duh...

  5. Laurie, I have heard stories about a German settler who built that house by hand, along with a big barn foundation behind it. Supposedly his wife/fiancé either wouldn't come to live in it or saw it and left or something, but I don't know for sure! I need to find out, since I am sort of obsessed with it, but am not sure who to ask!

  6. Fabulous pictures Debi, beautiful scenery and I do like the stone house as well.