Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New size, new project!

I have two cool things to share tonight. 

One thing is the new size I am!!  I got a sweatshirt from the new shipment of clothing at the school store, and instead of just going with an "L", I tried on an "M"!!!  DINGDINGDING!!!  WIN!!!!!  I have never in my life been a real live Medium.  HOT DAMN!!!


The next thing I have to be slightly more mysterious about.... I am making a Madrigal dress and have now started it.  I will show bits and pieces here and there, but until I get it signed, sealed and delivered, I feel I should always show Jenna first.  But these little pictures won't really spoil anything as nothing has been really constructed here, yet.  I do have some of it done now, but I have to try part of it on her tomorrow!  It is going to be GORGEOUS!

So BEHOLD the fabulosity of this fabric!!  It has an awesome hand, so luxurious, and heavy weight, yet really easy to sew and it presses like a DREAM!!!
On the ironing board...

This is just beautiful fabric!

This is very close to the actual color- 
Here are a few pix from last year's Madrigal.  I made the gold dress for the flautist and the blue outfit for dear Anthony.  

Until next time, be creative and find your joy!!

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  1. That's great a Med.size. Keep up the good work! Love the fabric. Can't wait to see the finished project!