Saturday, November 12, 2011

A few photos from 11/11

I missed 11:11 on 11/11/11, both times.  The first time I was apparently teaching art (gasp) and we noticed it at 11:21.  Dang.  And the second time I was willfully sleeping.....  11/11 was a very tired day for me.  I had hit my Thursday workout really hard- first bench press I ever did with a bar (ANYONE who lifts weights may not make fun of me for not knowing the exercise names!!) which was really fun, then I went on to kill myself on the rest of my chest and back day.  Omg.  Combing my hair on Friday morning of 11/11 was a challenge, but I worked through it.  Anyway, I came home and did very little activity-wise on Friday, as I was tired from the week.

I did get outside for a while- man was it cold- and put away some of my gardening and mosaic stuff.  How do I get so much stuff??  Idk, but I have a lot of it.  Oh, wait, I know, I gather glass and other mosaic junk everyday of my life.  Yep, that's it.  That is why I really need my "gardening shed" which is really going to be an art and garden shed, but that is for another post.

But the camera called to me both morning and evening on 11/11.  Nothing too dramatic, nothing too overly special, but these are a few gorgeous shots of the morning and then bookended in the evening.  The birds nest I have been scoping out for a few weeks, since the falling leaves revealed this little newcomer to my neighborhood.  I took these pix, but feel it isn't quite right yet, not the right angle.  I may have to stand on the sink and remove the screens to take the right angle, that might happen 11/12!!!  :)

So enjoy my not particularly exciting, but quite satisfying photos, from the start and end of our incredibly short days here in Northern WI  on 11/11.

It was a really beautiful sunrise

Another version

A little later 

Sunset through the trees


Parting light
And be sure to find your joy and give a little back to someone who might need it!


  1. Some really nice shots Deb. Love the first one. Good Comp, and silhouette. Well done.

  2. I love the pinks of the sunrises and the yellows of the sunsets. You captured both with the eye of an artist. Awesome

  3. You caught some beautiful moments in time, Debi! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thank you so much Randy, TN and Barbara! I love it when people comment on here! You all are awesome!