Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Photos- November 13

I did get some pretty nice shots over the weekend. Mostly of the sunrises and  sunsets, plus a couple of nice portraits of Lola and Jacpot.  The landscape is a challenge right now, there isn't a ton of color, which is fine, but the problem is that it is sort of static.  Things aren't changing too much as we haven't had a snow fall to knock the grass down or any drastic temperature changes.  Thanks heaven mother nature gives us a new and unique beginning and end to the day - every day!  It is kind of a nice theme for life- find something unique in each day or at least a nice variation of something you've already seen.  It gives life some joy!

Tomorrow will be a little different- we have conferences in the afternoon and evening, so I can get in a walk and a trip to the gym early.  Then will have to stay a little later at school.  That works! It'll be interesting to see what the sunrise brings tomorrow.....

Sunset- Nov. 13

November 13- late afternoon

Stupid deer

Don't bother me, I'm eating

Off of Maple Ridge Road

Another view off of Maple Ridge road

Not much grass left

Moon set in the morning

Lola in the morning


Corner of Trout Rd and Cty E

Butternut creek

Land of Milk and Honey
Butternut creek

Hard at work
Until next time-- be a joy giver!

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