Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland Take 2

So, here is the results of the second walk, nope, third walk that I did yesterday!  I hoofed it through the woods with boots on (could have worn snowshoes), and it was pretty easy going.  Good snow for walking, not too slick, not too packy.  It was really nice, not too cold- great for taking pix.

Lots of pix of snowy tree branches, I must be obsessing over them right now, and a couple of  the Mad-Accountant and the Barber.  They are always goofing around doing something on the weekends.  Sunday it was cleaning up some blow down in the woods and then doing what all males seem to enjoy: make a fire and burn stuff!!  Um, ok....  Enough said.

Yep, it's a fire!

Little cabin in the snow

Nature's own Charlie Brown tree

Until next time, find your joy in life's simple pleasures!  


  1. Isn't it just gorgeous out with all the snow hanging on the trees this long ... love it! I love your little cabin in the snow pic ~ and the pavillion at Smith Lake on your prior post. Thanks for sharing Deb :)