Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Wonderland- Take 1

We all know winter will be here for a while..... but it is sharply beautiful the first time it hits big.  The loveliness of the stark white and grey make the landscape look like a black and white photo.  Just a few touches of permanent green and yellow ochre dot the landscape.  Only human dyes and paints will change the lovely monochromatic tones.

I went for a couple snowy photoshoots today, the first was right away after sunup when there was a peek or two of our lovely star in the sky.  Then I had the Mad-Accountant drive me to the boat landing where I shuffled through the snow and got some frozen lake pix.  Finally, after a little snacking and then lunch, I decided to go burn off a few more calories by hiking to the creek in the back 80, sort of an over the river and through the woods type of venture.

Here are some of the products of today's adventure.....
Poor Lola!



Promise of sunshine

Fence line

Monarda mounds

Smith Lake

Dock on Smith Lake

Another version- Smith Lake

County Park entrance 

Swim at your own risk!

Over hang

white pine 

White Pine overhang


I've got more, but I am just too tired to edit them!  I guess Chapter 2 is coming next.

Until tomorrow, find your joy!  Mine is going to be in the vicinity of my pillow!