Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving and Hunting and Madrigals and .....

I am a week or so behind on my blogging here.  Had a wonderful Thanksgiving- all the kids were home, except for one of the Sarahs, who went to visit her Grandma.  But she was here for the beginning and the end of the week!!  And they were all together for Saturday night and Sunday.  For the record, Jon is married to SarahGrace and Greg is with SarahJane.  This may or may not clear up any confusion.
Mike, Greg, SarahJane, SarahGrace, Jon

Hunting was very successful this year, as far as I am concerned.  There were 5 deer harvested off of our property, and regardless of what the DNR says, there are PLENTY left.  Since I had a cheesecake bounty on them, I had to bake the weekend after Thanksgiving, but it was worth it.

Greg and SarahJane fueling up for opening morning

Jon having breakfast

Fred and Ruger

Toby never wants to be left behind

Cleaning the gun

One of Greg's deer with Greg, SarahJane and Fred

The boys with SarahJane and her deer

Always time to talk before hunting

I was trying to work on a Madrigal dress all week, but someone kept me a bit occupied!  So I had to finish up the dress after they went home.  I will post a pic of Jenna in her dress after tonight's dinner.  I can't wait to go and see it.
She was crawling on my head and licking my hair

Thanksgiving was so nice, we had really good food and the family had a rousing game of Monopoly after dinner, as is our habit!

Thanksgiving table

Family gathering

Me, too!

Who is going to land on all those hotels?

Not sure who won, Sarah Grace has a good track record, though!
SarahGrace, Brenda and I went over to Winter, WI on Saturday for the big craft show and the best part of it- the cookie walk across the street!  We traditionally go have breakfast/lunch at a local restaurant after the shopping.

Debi and Sarah

Brenda and Sarah- they had REALLY good coffee
These two kept things lively around the house!  The poor cats outside barely could show their faces in the yard without feeling like they were being stalked.  No cats were hurt- only their pride was a little injured

So innocent

Yet, such little demons
LOTS of relaxing occurred

And here is a sneak peak of the season to come--

New zipper inserted

New dress made

New tree in waiting
Alright, this was indeed a joyful week!  But this is what it looked like when it was almost done-  erg.  I was glad to have the week done......

Until next time- be a joy giver!

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