Saturday, December 3, 2011

Here comes the "season"....

Quick post- will catch up later today, or at least start to!!!  OH PHIIII-IIIIILLLL  This is for you, honey!!!  :)

So Lola is sort of thrilled to be one of the first harbingers of Christmas at our house!  I only have her and my new ceramic Christmas tree (just like Grandma Kutz's) for decorations right now---- but that will change presently.  Decorating is on the weekend list!  YAY!!!

I had a glorious wonderful Thanksgiving with all of my kids and some new pups, however, Christmas is pretty exciting too.  I already have been ridiculously busy for some reason (Madrigal costume) and I doubt it will get less so for a while.

Lola in her Christmas finery!!!

So, in this early December, remember to stop and enjoy all of the days......  don't count on just one day to bring you joy.  Everyday is a day for spreading and giving your love.  

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  1. Lov'n Lola! You said it well ~ "Everyday is a day for spreading and giving your love."
    Have fun decorating!
    'hugs from afar'