Sunday, January 8, 2012

Landscapes in the north and the south

I found a bunch of snow pictures from New Year's Day on my camera, didn't realize I hadn't downloaded and edited them!  It was a gorgeous day, too bad I was feeling lousy!  So I have here a combination of winter in the north and winter in Janesville.  I went on a walk/run both Saturday and Sunday mornings while visiting Jon and Sarah this weekend, and they live very near a really nice bike/hike trail system.  It is an interesting combination of city and country, old and new!  There are some old ramshackle buildings right next to a complex of stores and shops, and mix in some cornfields and you have a feast for the eyes.  
I love how the south has the ubiquitous corn cobs laying around everywhere, parallel in many ways to the pine cones up north!  I love seeing these similarities and relish their differences!

Yellow birch textures-beautiful colors, too

Nature's shelving units

GORGEOUS sunrise on New Years Day

Early morning light on Labrador drive

Old building on the Ice Age Trail


Hawk of some sort- redtailed?

Hot air balloons over Janesville

frost on the corn cobs

Frost remnants

Old and new

HAHAHA, back to the north!

Lola is all cold and snowy again!

New Year's Day
Hope you were able to find some beauty in your life today-- And a bit of joy!


  1. Love the old building and Lola, the New Years Day and the up here is the best of all seasons. Did you see the halo around the moon last night? Awesome gift from God.

  2. The close-up shelf and birdhouse pictures are my favorites in this series. And I love that word 'ubiquitous.' Perfectly describes those corn cob sitings.