Sunday, January 8, 2012

Late Christmas celebration...

So the party has finally ended.  We had our final Christmas celebration this weekend, and I think a great time was had by all!

Mike and I drove down to Jon and Sarah's Friday afternoon to prepare for the annual Kutz celebration!  Jon and Sarah provided the location and I provided the pulled pork!  And everyone one else brought along multitudes of delicious dishes that we overindulged in.
Host and hostess with the mostest!

Jon was gracious enough to shred the pork for me!

Such a cute house and cute couple!
We exchanged gifts first, before the rest of the crew got there!  Jon and Sarah were not up for Christmas, since we were going to be at their house this weekend.  Oh, the Mad-Accountant did not attend, as tax season is already underway!

Mike and Greg with their tip-ups from Jon and Sarah

Jon and Sarah and their stash
Here is some of the entertainment for the day!  Bella is my nephew Eddie's little girl (my brother Ed's granddaughter) and Lucky is my sistah's new puppy.  Then there is Emily- our little sweet-pea!  Only she is so grown-up now, she really blends in with the rest of us!


Bella and Lucky
Emily and Lucky
A fantastic feast!!
Darlene, Ed, Bella and Mike

Jeff, Greg, Jon and Bill

Rose, Lucky and Bella

We play a dice game instead of exchanging presents- we buy a bunch of random things, wrap them up and then shake dice for them.  It can get quite interesting, especially if there are alcoholic beverages involved!

Dice shaking crew

Things get heated during the game!

Then the grandkids exchanged "white elephant" gifts- something they didn't want at their house.  It was an interesting array of times that everyone ended up with.

It was one of those really nice days when everything was just right!  An easy day to find your joy!!

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