Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day 2012- part 2

Snow Debi!

So I ventured out of my warm robe and got dressed to go outside to feed the horse.  YIKES!!  I wore the MA's tall rubber boots, they go way up to my knees and it is a good thing I had them on, as there was snow going over the tops of them!!  Good lord!

As tall as the rubber boots!!

So I was trying for a better angle!!  Lol

Same photo, flipped- snow is to my knees!

AS A DISCLAIMER---   No horse was harmed in the taking of these photos!  He is able to return to his shelter literally anytime he wants.  He chooses to look like the abominable snow horse!  Apparently he is not cold!

He seems quite calm for being snow covered and slippery!!

Now he just wants me to hurry up and feed him already

Lola is disappearing!!

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