Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Day- 2012

YAY!!!!  Snow day for us!!  AND it is the day before a 5 day weekend.  The entirety of the Chequamegon school district loved getting our automated phone call this morning at 5 am!!  A collective cheer probably went up at once!  After my snow day dance, I got another cup of coffee and proceeded to facebook to party on with the rest of the happy Wisconsinites.  Well, at least those who don't HAVE to drive today.  :)

Here are a couple pix I took, through the window, this morning.  Before anyone thinks I am too smug, I have to go out and feed that horse soon!  So I WILL indeed have to get out of my robe before noon.  BOOOOOO.  But my poor Jac does need his feed.  Another half hour, though......  I'd love to stay in my jammies for a while.

YES, it is possible to find joy in this!!

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