Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Under the weather ......

Here I am at home- I wish it was for something more enjoyable than having a stupid cold!  I attempted school yesterday, but I couldn't hear, my nose wouldn't dry up and the coughing was painful.  I have decided that staying home is probably the best thing I could do for all of us involved.  And I think it was a wise move.  I have sort of stopped coughing, but the ears and the voice is an issue. I think I will have a voice at the end of the day by not speaking much!

I wish I could get up and clean the closet upstairs or reorganize my cupboards or do SOMETHING truly productive, but walking around for more than a few minutes is sort of out of the question.  So, I did a little photo-editing.  I want to show you here a pic of the LOVELY Lola in the early morning sun.  I love this low level back lighting.  Doesn't she look stunning??

Yeah, I know....... random.   I will feel better soon.  But you really don't expect to read anything less illogical and random any other day, do you?  :)

Until then, find some virus-ridden joy- or be vigilant about washing your hands- or live on a deserted island at this time of the year-- or something!

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