Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend pictures

I realize whilst sitting here trying to clear my ears by swallowing, skewing my face into odd positions, and drinking hot liquids that I have not posted any pictures lately.  I guess being gone on Sunday for the (yawn) Superbowl cut into my blogging time.  And other than the couple of dog commercials and watching Madonna's awesome costumes during half time, it was sort of a non-event to me. But we had some great food (in moderation!!  HA), fun company and time with the extended Oswald family was worth it.

Back to pictures.  I went on a couple really great walks; it was so nice out this weekend!

Hay stubble

Shadow patterns

Well lookit there!

Smith Creek

Cute ears!!

Winter berries

Foggy February

Favorite tree

Frosty flowers

Wind blown

Stone House- February

What are  you looking at?
 Here are a few sunrise/sunset pictures from the past couple days, too!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, enjoy the photos!


  1. I love the pictures especially Foggy February and Stone House. You've got talent!