Sunday, March 11, 2012


There was a fantastic sunset tonight, and I was fortunate.  I was fortunate to be goaded into another walk, I was fortunate I decided to go, I was fortunate I decided to take my Canon Rebel instead of my mini camera.

So the MA and I walked down to Smith Lake County Park at the end of our road.  It was the second time today I had been down the road- the first being when Number-one son and Sarah Grace, I,  and the dog went for a short walk.  They wanted to get the energy out of this pup before the 4.5 hour drive.  I also, in-between, went on a really great walk around the big block- 6.6 miles.  Whew, you'd think that would have been plenty.  But fortunately, I am never one to turn down a walk these days and off I went, camera in hand.

The clouds turned out to be those very interesting wavy, ripply clouds that you don't get to see every day. Here are some of the best ones from tonight, plus an early morning full moon pic from last Friday.

Zen evening

So, make sure you look out your window and see what you can see- maybe you will find your joy!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If it looked like that around my house I'd take my camera everywhere I went!

  2. Thank you so much Heather, I do have a camera with me literally all the time! :)