Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beautious night

I had a busy day on Tuesday! 

Beautiful yellow "flag" iris by Smith Lake

School was a mad house!  (Love finding these mad references- heh!)  However, the day went fast and I was relieved to be able to get on with other things.  I took a lot of pictures at several different locations, which was a pleasant surprise for a Tuesday.  In fact I have so many pictures that need to be dealt with, I am hoping that people aren't sick to death of my postings!  If you are please just smile indulgently and pat me on the head.  My art brain is in high gear in anticipation of not having it cluttered up with school events.  And my exercise brain is also in high gear to clear some of the goop that accumulated in me over the Memorial Day weekend......  Oy

I was SO excited to get my "Girls With Guns...... Courtesy of Triple B" tank top yesterday!!  This has been in the works for a few months and it is flattering that I was included in the initial group of recipients! We had such a good time getting these pics, the whole gym was watching us ham it up for the camera.  GUESS who always ALWAYS has her camera in her purse for just such incidences????  LOL.

I seriously think I should get in the sun more!  Lol

After a quick weight lifting session (can't wait until next week when I can spend all sorts of time lifting) I sprinted home to go to a little school gathering at Northern Pines for my friend Diane.  I got there a little later than I liked, but got to see people who I rarely get to talk to these days.  This crew of people here worked together for many years before most of them went and retired on me!!!  I miss them so much.  So I took a few lake pix as well as getting the bartender to take a group shot!

Debi, Nettie - the tattoo show-off , Diane (not a retiree!), Amy, Ginny, and Carol

Butternut Lake- at Northern Pines Resort

I REALLY want to still call this place Bob's Northern Pines!  :)

After a half of a mediocre Margarita, (I apparently have become a bit of a tequila snob!), I decided I needed to DO something.  I took a really fast walk back towards the cabin, discovered the MA cutting up some wood for his mother, and continued on to the creek farther along the trail.  It is so gorgeous and it was a great walk, in spite of the mosquitos that were pervasive.  No wood ticks, though!  After a short wood unloading session, we set off to the campground down the road, there were several photographic treasures waiting to be uncovered.  I hope you enjoy them, too.


The trees are dead from the year plus that they were flooded by a beaver dam flood.

Changing seasons from spring into summer

wild flowers

Woods road- you can hear the mosquitos and the tree toads if you stand still and listen

Smith Lake beach

Evening at the flowage

A picture that frames itself

Like I said, I have a few posts left in me, so don't be surprised when more pop up!  :)

After all, they give me a lot of joy- and I sincerely hope you find a little in them too.

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