Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Project weekend- a beginning and an end

Projects: we always have a few of them going on!  

I won't even get into the ones that have gone on an embarrassingly long time- ahemcoughcabin- or even ones that I get so much "advice" on that I don't know what to do- that would be the giant hand project.

So here is the end and the beginning of projects from Memorial Day weekend. I like to start with a mission accomplished!  I recently started working on my mom and dad's old patio set.  I really like the look of this set, it is well made and pretty cool, it is just that sitting in the incredible heat of my parent's cement porch, it had degraded.  The strapping had broken down, the paint was peeling, the cushions are kind of disgusting.  But the curves of the frame are cool.  So, I decided to rescue it and refinish.  Last fall I ordered some repair straps from a patio furniture online place, and I picked up some spray paint at a home center. I also picked up some new cushions on sale last fall, but am  not convinced they are right... At any rate, I finally convinced the MA to FIND the freaking metal brush already, so I could start removing the old paint.  I used sand paper for a while, but the metal brushy thing worked better.  Thanks, toots!

Sanding and sanding

Starting the spray painting

Side by side

Most of the straps applied to first chair

It took several days of sanding, scrubbing, spray-painting, painting some more, retouching the paint, flipping it over and finding more places to paint, and oh yeah, moving the crazy things in and out of the garage about a million times.  Then the "fun" job of putting on the new strapping.  The plastic straps get applied with the use of a drill, boiling water, a minimum of 2 people and the patience of Job.  It was not a difficult maneuver, but it was tricky.  I want it known that since I actually read directions, I was right!  You do not need to know what I was right about, but let's just let that be known!  HA!  After the MA and I survived the replacement of the straps on one chair (actually, the remaining 3 had not been painted) the rest of them were completed with the help of one of the kids- the eldest Mad-son to be exact.  Good thing, too, cuz, seriously, that fake patient voice about makes me want to....       oh never mind.  It's all good!  :)
Jon, Sarah, Fred and of course Ruger

The straps are cut about 2 inches short, then they are boiled and stretched. CRAZY!

With the painting done, the plexi is applied to the table frame. 

HAHAHA, Ruger was exhausted after all that work

BUT, it got done and that is what counts.  Turns out that 3 people work out even better than 2 for putting on that crazy strapping stuff.  Glad Jonny and Sarah were kind enough to pitch in!  And you will notice the wayward dog or two as well!  THAT was a satisfying job well done!

Also, as I noted on Facebook, hell has frozen over and the garden shed that had been a dug out pile of gravel for 2 years is actually underway!  There is actual fill and concrete forms.... shut the front door!  There was a transit involved!!  And there is talk of bringing in a cement truck!!!!  GASP!  Stay tuned for further updates..... now if I could only get some interest in finishing off the actual house!

I always think of my dad when the tractor is running!  

Things always seem to get done quickly when the Builder Joe shows up!

Spreading and shoveling!

Sarah Jane running the transit- it is easier to do than I thought!  

Surveying the job so far 
So the forms are up and it is almost ready for a concrete pour!  My giant hand is almost ready for concrete, too, I should get it ready so I can steal a few buckets for the base.  Well, we now know what my first summer project is going to be!  Along with some closet cleaning, some weeding, um socializing with my dear friends, working out, walking, running.........  Hmmmm, I have to start a list!

This is how far the hand is!  Just gotta add some rebar and finish some wiring
Until next time, don't forget to be a joy-giver!

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