Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hooray!!! New pics!

After the lively start to the morning, I came home from ballet class tonight to find peace and tranquility and some lovely clouds!  The day had been SO nice and warm, it was actually a little hard to go for my run!  The difference between running in 45 degrees and 75 degrees was remarkable, and it happened with a day's notice!  And the evening cooled off enough for me to wear  a sweatshirt home from the gym.  The best kind of day....  a little heat in the afternoon and the cool northern nights that make this place habitable. Except the bugs are hatching, but that is why God gave us Off!  And sweatshirts.

Here is a selection of pix from this evening, including my favorite daffodils and of course the clouds.....

Eastern sky

Western sky 

Tiny little narcissus- about 5 inches high

Dirty from the rain!  

Hard to believe how fast this year is going!  Summer is just around the corner.

I hope your day was full of peace, tranquility and just a little excitement.....  and of course joy-givers!

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