Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday night walk

I had a really fun day Friday, I'll post a little more about that in a while.  It was joyful!  So, Friday night, after a truly hard session at the gym, I decided to go for a walk.  The weather was looking iffy for Saturday, and I like to keep up on my cardio.  I was also thinking maybe some walking would work out the leg muscles that were already protesting an awful lot of squats and leg presses.  So, off I went on a 4 mile walk- towards the east!

 Creeping phlox

There is such a pretty scene right around the corner from us- gorgeous little mounds of flowers that are show stoppers this year.  So with that in mind I took off.  I photoed the flowers and continued on, and decided my legs were feeling GREAT!  So I started to run..... and I ran about a half mile down the road, walked and then decided to run the hills.  WHY???  I did run the hills, and it was fine, but you couldn't have told me that during the night when I was up multiple times taking Vitamin "I", drinking water, shaking off a hamstring cramp, and other various interruptions.....  I am pretty sure I was delirious most of the time, and I am zombie like today.  I do make things difficult for myself..... and possibly for other people.

So, anyway, enjoy the pretty!  And the cows, who were so darn cute!

Until later- enjoy the view!

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