Saturday, May 5, 2012

May the 4th be with you!!!

It was May the 3rd - and I was told that it was Star Wars Day tomorrow!  Star Wars Day?  Yes, May the 4th be with you. Hysterical laughter follows.  I love things like that, they crack me up every time.  I don't care how corny I am.

SO! The next day, which is indeed May the 4th, I am dying every time I write a pass for the HS kids.  I mean just snickering and saying to the kids- you know it is Star Wars Day- May the 4th be with you!  :) One said to me, You know, Mrs. O. that is pretty old school!  Hahahaha, I don't care, it is still funny!  Suspicious looks ensue.

By the time 3rd hour comes, I am out of control.  At one point a kid innocently says to another- What day is it?  And their usually somewhat dignified teacher is yelling across the room- MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU DAY!!!!  I am now crying....  tears rolling down my cheeks. One boy says to me:  Mrs. O, I've known you for 3 years and  you have never acted like this  before.....  Oh honey!!  You have no idea.  And then it digressed from there.  Students standing behind the art room skeleton pretending that he (the skeleton) is speaking- May the 4th be with you.....  and so on.  
So, this is the message written to me at the end of third hour.  Not real often my edit button is turned so completely OFF.  But it was fun and I did manage to get all of my grading done, so it was all good.

Oh how entertaining was that morning!!

Still smiling hours later!

One thing I decided over the course of the week is to give up some thing that I know is not that great for me and that is soda... I'm sort of in mourning. Diet Pepsi and I have been best buddies for a long time now.  But Diet Pepsi, you are not all that wonderful, so I am bidding you adieu!  Here was my farewell D.P.

I've done fine on one or two sodas per week and I will do fine on none.

In the afternoon, the HS kids got a little reward activity for good behavior and grades during the 3rd quarter: a pep rally for the spring sports and an all school kick ball tournament.  It was a nice and sunny day, not super warm, but not too cold, either.  There were 4 fields of games going on at once, with the playoffs towards the end of the afternoon.  The winning team got to play the teachers team.  Of course, we thought we would be annihilated, and we were!  These kids play all the time!  We do not and we were not good!  But, we had plans to distract them while they weren't looking..... that didn't work out all that well either!
Mrs.O and Mr.B pregame 
A few action shots:
Ms Varsik (coach)

Mrs. Rybak- super soaker in hand!
We are all just grateful to have gotten out relatively unscathed!  It was a fun day- a great opportunity to share some joy!


  1. ...and with you...

    Yeah, I cracked up too when my son told me AFTER school (the WORM!!), that it was Star Wars Day. None of the kids in the school I was working at knew it was Star Wars Day, pity them!!!

    Next year I roll out the Darth Vader costume or wear my hear a la Princess Leia!

    1. I am glad I am not the only one who still finds that endlessly amusing!