Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day photos

A fitting end to the Memorial Day weekend is to visit the grave sites of our loved ones.  I am rarely able to visit my own family's sites, but do a lot of thinking while at the 2 cemeteries up here.  Fred and I always get to both the Park Falls and Butternut cemeteries- for the Oswald and the Bruch family burial sites.  Hard to imagine that Grandpa Oswald has been gone for 20 years.  My own dad died, what, 8 years ago??  I can hardly believe it.

The hard one to see this year is Aunt Doris- even though it has been over a year, she was part of my day to day life.  Though I miss my dad, the truth is that I only saw him a few times a year.  His death affected me deeply, but it comes at irregular and frequently surprising times.  Aunt Doris was someone I saw certainly weekly and sometimes- daily.  I remember Doris every time I drive by the house she shared with her son, every time I visit the library.  Every time I see her Bobby.  I treasure her spirit, her intelligence, her humor, her ability to converse for hours- and her love for me.

I hope your Memorial Day was filled with the joys of having friends and family near you, and also with the poignant memory of the people you loved the most.

Clouds- Nola Cemetery 

Flags for vets in the old part of the cemetery- Park Falls

Guardian tree

St. Cecelia Cemetery- Butternut

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