Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation Saturday- Before, during and after

I want it known right away that I am incredibly attached to my students.  I may complain, privately and not so privately, that they can be messy, selfish, inconsiderate, and at the end of the school year- LAZY!  Yes, lazy, you all know it- so no arguing!  Anyway, I also find them incredibly funny, smart, talented and so awesome.  I have know most of them since they were little bitty things- Kindergarteners!  That is the joy of living in a small town and working at a small school, you get to see the majority of your little kids through their school age lives!  So to say I am attached is a bit of an understatement.

Graduation is kind of hard for me, I appreciate the uniqueness of each student, know a lot of their personal story and what makes them happy and sad.  It shows in their art, it shows in their daily interactions.  And so to have these relationships come to an end, such as they are, is a heart wrenching affair.  I've had so many fantastic students through the years, and what is amazing is the phenomena known as facebook!!! I can keep up with them and their lives after hs on FB, which is something I really enjoy.  It is so cool to know what they are doing through their college/tech/jobs after school.  AND I have gotten 16 friend requests in the past 48 hours- all from former students, and in a few cases, kids I never even HAD as students in the art room.  Which is cool.

At any rate, there were a few tears shed by me this weekend, I have several special children graduating.  BUT WAIT, I guess the aren't children any more.

So while I don't have an extensive selection of photos from the parties, there are a few here, along with my carryings on the Thursday before graduation day- that is when the real goodbyes were said.

Billy H., Tim L., Mary P., me, Brooke, Lisa D.

I've know Lisa since she was a baby!  

Brandon,  Amanda, Belle, Emma, BrianS., Corey H., me, Ryan, Kaylee


Belle, Brandon, Brian

Noelle, Ryan,Amanda, Kenray, Kayla, (Bo- the official mascot), Nicole, Tiffany, Harli, Mariah, Allie


Sarah and I

Kenray and I on graduation day

My stars-  Sarah and Kenray
Part of the choir during the ceremony

FUNNY pic- Jon and John, Debi and Debbie Oswald
 Jon is my son, John is the MA's cousin's son- who is a teacher here, Me and Debbie Oswald who is John's wife.  AND she used to live in the house that I live in now!  At Brooke Sommerfeldt's party- yet another "Mad-realtive"!
Brenda Oswald- the carpenter's wife

My buddy Maia Oswald

I found Erica at Mark and Renee's house- at Lisa Donner's party.
It really was a lovely graduation day in spite of the spotty showers.

So it will all start over again next school year with the next batch of awesome students.  And we will find some joy. 

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