Sunday, May 27, 2012

Really, it is the beginning of summer!

Memorial Day plans began with NO ONE coming up for the weekend!  That was about 2 months ago, and while that is definitely a bummer, it happens sometimes.  So I was thinking it would be a quiet few days, plus some graduation parties, equaling a fun, but non-eventful weekend.  As time went on, plans began to change.  Both the Milwaukee crew and the Janesville peeps decided that Northern WI was where it is at!  Lol, or they decided it would be a nice get- away or something!  Most likely they were all over-whelmed with Mother's Day guilt and needed to come up and see mommy!  HAHAHAHA!

So as we were waiting for this bunch to show up, Jon, Sarah and Manny came in to town relatively early.  Supper was eaten and a walk back to little cabin in the woods was definitely on the agenda.  After all, it was NOT raining, which seems to be the trending weather pattern for right now, and Neither Sarah-Grace nor Jon had seen the spiral staircase.

We're coming!!!  Make way!
So, while the MA drove his truck back, loaded down with yet more gravel for the always forming dips in the woods road, we set off on foot.  It is getting a little mosquito-y, but we all wanted to get in a little bit of a walk.

Jon, Sarah Grace and Mannington

Just a few mosquitos

Almost to the cabin

There always is much to inspect and discuss on this project!  

Just a little nervous- don't worry Sarah!
A rare moment of sitting during the evening

Well pump discussions - you will notice I was distracted taking pictures from high places...
Pointing out some of the finer details of the staircase problems and solutions

Manny the frog

Meanwhile, preparations had been made for a little summer kick-off celebration!  It was nice, it was not raining, I had tequila and lime, and s'mores ingredients.......  it seemed obvious that a fire in the fire-ring was necessary!  You ALL should try having lime margaritas and s'mores around a campfire.  It is an amazingly good combination.
Margaritas makings- check!

Fire makings- check!

BEFORE the Margaritas- ready to party

Marshmallows for smores

Put another log on the fire......

Also enjoys a good margarita!
Beer for the boys

Why yes, these are awesome Margaritas!

New s'more taste treat- rolos or peanut butter cups

Too cold for mosquitos , never too cold for another toasted marshamallow

Margarita After math

Um, don't ask!

Night of gorgeousness
So I insisted that we stay outside until Greg, SarahJane and the dogs got here, and we did, though we ended up bringing out some blankets!  I have only blurry ghost pictures of when they arrived- too many  tequilas and frozen fingers!

I think this is Sarah Jane!  Lol

So a wonderful night was had by all of us!  The dogs tore around the yard, Toby came and visited me in the middle of the night at some point- 2 am kisses- yum!  Lol! But we all got up at a reasonable time and started the day......

With summer officially on!!

Looking forward to a summer of expected and unexpected joys.....

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