Thursday, May 24, 2012

Parts of my day.....

I had a couple more pictures that didn't fit into the flower post.  I could have waited and put them on a Sunday Photo Post, but I liked them all for different reasons!  So here we are.  There was an amazing cloud thing going on last night, it was preceding the thunderstorms that rolled in over night.  It was a nice thunderstorm, we could have the window open a little and the rain wasn't blowing in- kind of a soothing rain and rumble.

Before the gentle storms
 I had this surprise for me hanging on the door at school yesterday morning.  This must have been 5 inches across- huge!!  A Cecropia- according to my dear friend Callen Harty.

Cecropia Moth at school
 In other news, Olivia was doing some art work (YAY FOR OLIVIA) and Kenray added his own unique touch to the moment.  We had some great laughs over these shots!!

I LOVE this ceiling tile- it is right over my desk
One of my very fav. ceiling tiles

Version 2 of the sky last night- taken from right down in the clover field
Little pockets of joygivers in my day....

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