Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trending Purple (flowers) with hints of pink and white

So the Mad-Art Teacher had a nasty-ass headache last night.  It was in my sinus and in my forehead and in my neck.  Neck rubs helped a little, Ibuprophen helped a little, laying  down in my bed for a teensy nap helped a little, too.  But what made me forget about it completely is going on a little photoshoot around my yard.  I have a surprising amount of flowers in bloom right now.  Most of them are very subtle, not too showy or flashy.  Except for my azalea bushes, they are like blinking neon signs and they smell so good!

I have detected a distinct purple trend in mid spring flower fashions!  With hints of pink and white.... 

Here is the show-girl of my garden right now- "Pink Lights" Northern Highlights Azalea

Perennial bachelor button

Purple Perennial Geranium

Lupines in the garden


First Siberian iris of the year

Tattered remains of the creeping phlox


Purple/pink drumstick Primrose

Heucherella bloom


Rock garden Perennial Geranium

Bleeding heart
It was great to get down and shoot these closeup, walk around outside and find some little pockets of pleasure.  I also noticed that I have a LOT of work to still do in those gardens!  Too many weeds in some of them yet.  Guess I know what I will be doing this Memorial Day weekend, in between the rain showers!
Regardless, spending time in the flowers will give me some joy!

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