Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Messages on the ceiling- updated!

It is a tradition in my art room for the seniors to paint a ceiling tile as a farewell. And as a reminder of the wonderful kids that I have taught. Right now the present seniors are busily painting up their tiles, which caused me to look up at some of the old ones. Wow, such memories they brought up. Many of these wonderful people are my facebook friends, and I get to communicate with them regularly. Some of them I have not heard from since they graduated from Park Falls (or recently, Chequamegon*) High School.

I really wish I would have started them off painting tiles in 2003 or 04, which ever year it was that I started teaching HS. I don't remember exactly which year it was- that would cause me to do some math and it is WAY too early for that!

These are a few of the goofy things that my dear students have painted- 

This first one is one of my favs (sorry guys, it is!) along with another that I will photograph and update this post with in a while. The South Park figures are so funny, as they are such good representations of them, and ME! It was hilarious to be depicted, too, and the fact is- I was very touched and honored to be included in their tile.
Luv this one!

Here is my fav tile- right over my desk


There are some really pretty ones!

I can not express adequately the pleasures of the stories and images that come flooding back when I take the time to read these. I have such fond memories of these students of mine, many many of whom I have known since they were kindergarteners. I hope they remember me as fondly as I do them.

Funnily enough, I have actually had a few kids apologize to me for their behavior when they were in HS. It makes me laugh, because at the time they thought they were so BAD. In reality, they were acting like every other senior/high school kid has acted. It is the time of their life that they are in, and it is our job as teachers to get them through those years with some semblance of sanity and hope that we can teach them about life as we teach them a subject. I don't take what they do too seriously, really, as they have so much they have to learn about life and I am happy to do my part to push them down the right path. The apologies come when they realize that life after high school is NOT what they are expecting. I give them my little spiel every spring- I did it about 3 weeks ago- saying: Don't hurry your way through the last few weeks of school. Don't wish your year away; life does not get easier than it is right now. Enjoy the time you are living in! They look at me skeptically and usually say- Yeah, yeah, but Mrs. O!!!

I smile and say- I know honey, but you will understand someday. And they do!

So, another batch of seniors is going off in the world. Some WILL be my facebook friends (and in some cases, my real friends) forever- and some I may never hear from again, but I will have the memories - and they can be seen as messages on the ceiling, waiting for me to read them again, and remember.....

One of my little joys in life.

* Chequamegon (pronounced shuh-wah-meh-gon) is the name of our consolidated school district.

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