Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Everyone either has a mom, used to have one, or is a mom, so I think it should be a day to celebrate!  Of course, as most of you know, I think life should be celebrated all the time, so this should not be a big shock to you.

I was thinking about how I was going to address this Mother's Day post and I kept thinking of my mom and my kids. They all have such a big place in my heart that I had to go with the duality of what Mother's Day is to me.

I wouldn't be a mom without my boys.  They are the center of my heart, my loves, my babies.  They have filled my life with joy.  And now they are bringing girls into my life, which is an additional pleasure. Sarah Grace and Sarah Jane are absolutely amazing.  I feel complete when they are here and I miss them when they are not.  

Of course, the Mom in my life is amazing too. I have always gotten along well with my mom. (Well, except for mornings from the age of 14 - 17, and then I pretty much hated everyone!)  Lol. I talked to her every week for many years!  From the time I went to college until recently, that was part of my weekend routine.  She was always there for me, she tried to counsel without being judgmental, pushy or bossy. She was supportive no matter what I did or said, she never intentionally made me feel guilty about anything and she gave me unconditional love.  I can only hope that I am a mom who my kids are comfortable talking to about anything and not feel like I am passing judgement on them.  I have tried not to interfere in their lives- of course there may be conflicting reports on that!  HA!  But I haven't really.  Of course, no relationship is perfect and I recognize that, but I am happy to say that my mom rocked.  I was loved.

Just like I talked about losing my dad last year, I am also losing my mom.  My mom has that nasty condition that is known as Alzheimers.  It is slowly taking away her memory, her life, her self.  She no longer lives at our family farm, we had to move her out a few years ago into a very nice place in the Milwaukee area.  We are fortunate that my brother lives very very close and can attend to her when needed.  She is traveling down the same path that my Grandma did after my Grandpa died.  Very sad indeed.  I can hardly bear to think about it, and can not without tears.

But this is not about regret or sorrow.  This post is about the joys of being a mom and being the child of a joyful person.  Which my mom was.  And what I hope to be!

My first love at first sight- Jonathon

My middle dynamo- Gregory

My Greggy, and my mom, Barbara
***the weird shiny brown spots are from me taking pictures of shiny pictures!

Life was interesting!

And then came my baby, Mikey

First day of Kindergarten!

Life was never dull

My mom at Jon's wedding
 I had a HARD time finding pix of myself with the boys. I was always behind the camera!
Trip to the circus- school event with Mikey!

"Little Debbie" and mom and dad

The "girls" with mom and dad

Loved child!

Mom and I

My babies all grown up

Partying with the kids- Go Brewers!!

The elusive Mike and his mom

One of my favorite pictures of them!

Jon and Sarah Grace

Greg and Sarah Jane 

My first girl!
 I wish I had more pictures of Aunt Doris.  Aunt Doris was Fred's aunt, his mother's sister and I adored her with my heart and soul.  She was my other mother and my friend.  I miss her deeply.  I am so lucky to have had her in my life.  She loved me and the feeling was mutual.
Aunt Doris- my other mother
Mother's Day today:

If I can't have my kids, at least someone else made breakfast!

The joy of a gorgeous Mother's Day day!  
I hope the elusive Mike shows up today!  I bet he will- I'll update with a pix of the two of us then.

Michael and me!

Until next time, have a wonderful day.  Talk to your mom, think about her, remember her the way you need to if she is gone.  That is the way to cherish her and she will feel it.  It will give you joy.

Happy Mother's Day everyone

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