Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Pictures

I took a ton of pictures this weekend.  It was a gorgeous few days here.  Finally warm, didn't rain, or snow or stay cloudy.  It was practically perfect!!!

So I have some pictures here from the Smith Rapids Covered Bridge, Butternut Lake and from my walk and yard.

The Covered Bridge is an amazing place on a forest road off of Hwy 70.  The way they used the huge timbers and the geometry of it is amazing.  It crosses the North Fork of the Flambeau River, and the area is the home for some nice horse riding trails and campground. And some lovely scenery!!

Smith Rapids Covered Bridge

Taking pics!

North Fork of the Flambeau

Didn't know he took this one.  

Looking west from bridge


From the west

It was great climbing around under here

Butternut Lake is always a good source of photographs!  We were over at Butternut Lake resort delivering some paperwork of the boring sort, so I walked across the street and took these.  As bright as the sun was, it was a great morning for pictures.

As usual I went on a lot of walks.  I took photos along the way, I have more on my cameras, too, from tonight.  Hard to keep up this weekend!

Unfurling ferns

The Stein farm 

A little fun with the color

Gorgeous clouds

Fruit tree blossoms

Tiny Iris

Sphinx moth

I may update this post with the last few pictures from my Sunday evening walk....  in the morning!  :)

 I hope you have found some joy in these pictures.  I try to find a little everywhere I go and in everyone I know.  It is there, you just have to look for it..... 

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  1. Nice pics, Debi. I think you had a full Mother's Day 2012. Thank you for sharing your joy!