Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday morning pictures!

I was going to update the Sunday Evening pictures, but these turned out pretty well.  So they deserve their own post.

Stone house and flowers.  I revisit these subject often.  I understand the flowers!  I adore them, whether they are cut, fresh, growing, dying, perennial, annual and even a texted random photo of one- regardless- they provide my eye with beautiful color, form and photo opportunities.  The bonus is the smells you sometimes discover when you are laying on the ground in front of one!  Or the bees or the ants that you see......

The Stone House obsession is a little harder for me to understand.  Usually when I photograph things for a while I work it out of my system.  I explore the possibilities and then move on with an occasional revisit.    Not the Stone House.  I make a point of getting past it at least once a week, I feel like I have missed something if I haven't seen it in a few days.  I feel like I have discovered so many views, and so many moods, that certainly I can't find something else.  And then I discover a slightly different feeling, somewhat different light, I am in a somewhat different frame of mind and up that hill I go to try it again.
I am always looking for a new story.

I look at the characteristics of the house- the solidity, the beautiful stone work, the setting atop of the hill, the deteriorating interior and roof.  The dichotomy of the strength of the stone and the decay of the wood....  I love those idea.  But I think the thing is, that I am intrigued by the secrets.  I hear little bits and pieces about the house, the owner, the life he had.  I see the remnants of a massive barn down below the house.  There is the leftovers of a life inside.  I want to discover the secrets, find out the real truths, experience and understand what lies below the surface.  And so I continue my investigations, attempting to photograph the past and not quite being able to put my finger on it.  It is compelling enough for me to know that I will visit it again soon.

Whether you are looking up close or stepping back to see the whole picture, life is an interesting journey.  Keep your eyes open, you never know what joys you will discover- both outside and inside of  yourself.

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  1. I enjoy your writing style, Debi... makes me want to go explore my own back yard!! The wildflower photos are exceptional. Are you able to identify the flowers as you find them, or do you you look them up when you get home? I love the up close shots best.

    I agree. Life is an interesting journey. Be well. Oh, if you are wondering why all of a sudden I can spend so much time blog surfing today, it's because I have an optional teacher workday, and I took the morning off so I can go for a walk before I go to school and finish my report cards for this year. Waiting for it to warm up just a bit more, then I'll head out the door.