Friday, May 18, 2012

One of those days....

Oh it was one of those days that you should have just stayed in bed.  The day started off great, I was somewhat distracted by various electronic devices, was slightly later to school than I like, but that wasn't a big deal.  It was when I got to school that things began to fall to pieces for me.  Nothing earth-shaking, nothing awful, but a pile of stuff that was covered with yuck. Then I felt really bad for being so mad at kids being kids on the 11th to the last day of school. And then my melt-down began.  But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and was promptly overwhelmed with the noise that occurred at the other end of that school. Oh my goodness.

THANK HEAVEN for the gym, I can not explain how lifting weights makes me forget about the troubles of the day.  It has helped keep me sane this year- something I have needed a lot of help with.  I felt pretty good when I was done, in spite of the fact I forgot my HRM, my protein bar, my usual shoes and my outfit really didn't match.  Told you I was distracted this morning!

It was threatening to rain all afternoon and I was a little bummed that I might not be able to take a walk.  I decided that I would walk one way or another, even if it was sprinkling or raining.  I certainly am not going to melt! The woods seemed like a good idea. I managed to remember my camera and went on my way.  The leaves are coming along nicely, even if they are not full sized yet.  They are filling in enough to start interfering with cell service.  One of the not so joyful parts of living in the woods.  Not that I needed to have cell service back there, but it is part of the whole tree discussion, so stay with me here.  The green of those trees was just the salve my soul needed!

It was pretty out, in spite of the clouds and the wind.  The clouds were a good foil to my lingering dark mood, the wind in my hair is awesome.  I love windy nights, for nothing else other than they blow away the mosquitos that are searching out their next meal. I do like the sensation of walking with the wind in my face, especially in the woods where it is accompanied by the sounds of the trees, birds Somewhere along the way, I remembered that I had not checked my kiln.  So after helping the Mad-Accountant with some wood - I hate stacking wood, btw- we took a ride to school to check on the kiln, which was fine.  Then we drove out to the Butternut Lake Resort to make a second attempt to deliver some random paperwork and I found myself with a camera, on a gorgeous windy lake.  Now THAT is fortuitous!  Beautiful wild night, very fitting for the day.

A load of wood that eventually goes to the S-I-L.  

Hello pretty little lily growing in the creek!  Where did you come from?

Butternut Lake near Dick and Joan's Butternut Resort

Docks at the resort

Trying to catch some whitecaps

Lying in wait
This was a nice way to end a trying day. My art brain needs to be soothed when it is over-stressed and this photography session did the trick.  When I got home, I had a lot of things to catch up on, but that made the evening go fast and now a new day can begin.  Fridays are ALWAYS better than Thursdays, so I have great hopes for today.

Wind Child

The Wind has a voice,
A sad, sweet voice
I've heard it sing
Long and beautiful
Like Wind should be,
Carrying forever

The singing Wind is rarely heard
It's quiet and soft and

I am a Wind Child
I hear the Wind as
She sings her sad, sweet song
I am a Wind Child
And I sing with the Wind
Wind Children are rare as
True Hope
Special as Love
Wind Child
Is me 
Sahar Alive
Sometimes your joy just has to wait until the end of the day to blow on in- hold on, it'll show up!


  1. Hi Debi...I just now discovered your blog. I am now following you. I enjoyed reading your post. I had a similarly stressful day this week... I wonder sometimes if anything we teach them is sinking in!! Your photos of the trek through the woods are peaceful and calming. I will drive to a lakeside hiking trail (it's a 20 minute drive from my home) just to commune with nature, something I crave several times a year. I don't blog every day myself, but my intention is to post at least once a week... just haven't gotten there yet. Mostly I've blogged about classroom and art projects, sprinkled with occasional personal observations, like my son's wedding several weeks ago. I invite you to come by and visit when you a few moments... I'll be back to see where your treks take you! Be well... Bea

    1. Thanks Bea! I dont blog every day, certainly, but I have been doing a lot lately. Maybe it is my way of keeping my thoughts together and my head above water. hang in there, girl! I will absolutely add you to my google reader!