Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random picture post!

I have a few pix that didn't fall well into my last post!  So, here they are.

FIRST- the lovely Lola and I have been chatting and she is a little ticked that she hasn't been featured in any blogging lately.  Here is a portrait of Lola with her best friend!

SECOND- as much as I love the stone house, it makes my head and my heart hurt sometimes, and I have no such problems with my favorite tree.  This was a gorgeous pic I thought- slightly different angle. Yay!

3rd- I went marching across the yard this morning, camera in hand to capture this sunrise.  It was way prettier from the house, but I was not wishing to share the cluttered view from there- not to mention the picture window that needs washing!  Where is that step ladder anyway?

So, yeah, I feel better now with these little loose ends tied up.  Lola is smiling at me even as we speak.  Well, I guess you could say she is smiling on the inside!

Until next time, find those little joys in life.

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