Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Photos.... Round 1... Reasons why

I am anticipating more pictures today, so I am optimistically inserting the "Round 1" subtitle here!  Lol.  I do like to be optimistic about things!

I just noticed that I have a ton of blog posts this month, lately, recently......  I wonder why?  I have been taking a lot of pictures, so that is one reason.  I am feeling really overwhelmed at work, and this gives me a lot joy and escape, so there is the next reason.  I am gearing up for summer, and I am trying to live a more joyful  and now ACTIVE life, so there is a lot to talk about, I guess.  There is the third reason.  Seems like plenty of reasons, eh?  

Columbine closeup


"Pheasant Eye" narcissus 

Roadside butterfly

Single trillium

Flambeau River

Pixley Dam 

Flambeau River, north of town

Flambeau River, north of town- River Road

River Road

Pixley Dam area

Flambeau River, south fork

Flambeau River, southfork
Unknown fisherman, Pixley Dam

Until later, be a joy giver!

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  1. All good reasons for posting daily, Debi: taking lots of pictures, feeling overwhelmed at work, bloggin gives you joy/ escape, gearing up for summer, and trying to live a more joyful, active life. All reasons I would blog daily as well. I take lots of pictures, am overwhelmed at school, I love to blog (have been blogging since 2005; started at aoljournals), and I am seeking the joys in my life at a time when there are lots of changes going on (husband about to retire); I'm getting back into my walking routine, trying to be more active. But finding the time to blog is now what keeps me from doing it more frequently. I think I just need more sunshine. :-)

    I enjoyed your photos today. I'm heading out the door for my walk around the neighborhood, wihtout the camera though because I'll be carrying my weights.