Sunday, May 20, 2012

Winter Greenhouse morning (Round 2)

My dear friend Laurie and I went off to the Winter Greenhouse today!  She got lots of fun things, I got a few things, mostly tomato plants and herbs.  I also found some AWESOME new grass for my long garden.  SO excited to try it out.  I realize that I haven't seen a few of my new things from last year, so if it EVER bothers to stop raining, I will go out and look for them.

Koi in their pond

The Winter Greenhouse has a wonderful selection of plants that are suited for our northern climate.  And they have some really cool ideas and beautiful gardens for inspiration.

Pansy Purses!  

Herb arrangement

Wave Petunia- cool green ruffled edge

I like the form and idea, but not going to pay $30 for this!  

Just too cool for words

Gorgeous waterfall under the tree canopy

Fabulous Japanese style peony

Woodland view


Lovely gardens

Makes you want to go out and dig in the dirt!!!!  BUT...................................
THIS  is our lot today- rain, storms, lightening, thunder.  Rats.  

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