Sunday, June 24, 2012

Orange dreamsicle morning....

I was blogging away this morning, when I happened to get up to get make some coffee.  I had been awake a LONG time, and had been idly playing around on Instagram and then decided that I should switch over to my blog.  Good opportunity to get some posting done- good use of my time.  That is if I couldn't be sleeping!

So, coffee was in order and  just as I was about to pour the water into the coffee maker, I turned and saw the orange light of the morning sun.  I made a beeline for my camera, discovered several missing parts- battery, memory card springs to mind- and so then had to gather and assemble, find some footwear and off I went in my robe again......  at least at this time of the year it isn't cold!

It was an orange dreamsicle morning.....

Sun coming up

Orange glow

Sometimes you just luck out, in spite of the fact that you couldn't fall back to sleep.  So today I found some unexpected joy at a very early hour.  Be on the look out!  Joy pops up in lots of places.

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