Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a few bits of randomness

Foggy morning

A couple of way ward (foggy)  thoughts this morning:

First it occurs to me this day that I have YET to sit out on my own deck with my own cup of coffee early in the morning enjoying the BEST time of the day!  This needs to be remedied as soon as possible.  Like tomorrow, as I have to get to the gym soon!


I have a rash on my face from stupid sunscreen.  Which makes me want to never use it again.  BUT I will, I know, stop nagging at me.  I will go to Pamida and hope that they have some Cetaphil brand, that doesn't make my stupid skin break out.  If not, I may have to go to Walmart.  Bleh.

Finally, I hate it when things I am so totally not expecting, .... happen.  Like when they are so far off my radar, that it hits me from the back and knocks me DOWN.  Fortunately I am "hard-headed" and will not let such things defeat me.  RAWR!

Oh, 2 totally more unrelated things....  I should never be expected to go into school in June, ever.  AND I don't like having a hurricane named Debby wreaking havoc in Florida.  It makes me feel somehow bad.  Like I am responsible, which is the most irrational thought ever, but hey, that is me.

So there, I feel better now.  I will plan to sit on my deck tomorrow, not use sunscreen until tomorrow, which works, since I have to be IN SCHOOL today, working on Smartboard training (don't EVEN get me started), will workout like a fiend this morning (soon),  and stop listening to what hurricane Debby is doing, since I really am not even slightly responsible for it.  My karma should have stopped her by now, but apparently the wind blew the karma back this way- hope maybe it sprinkled down on other nice people on the way back from the South east!  :)

Have a joyful day!!!  And avoid those joy stealers......  hope my happy karma finds it's way to you!

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