Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A good evening of pictures

Last night gave me a beautiful opportunity for photos, again.  I know this is not much of a surprise for many of you, but let me have a moment here! ...............

AHHHH. Yes.  thanks.

 It was a good night.  I walked over to "The Farm" on the south side of Park Falls, where the MA was assisting the unloading of hay.  I walked over on a back road and through the hay fields behind the barn, which is why I got some great shots!  I also scooted under the electric fence, in by the cows and down by the river.  The rains lately have REALLY filled the rivers and streams, it is quite amazing for this time of the year.  So, I took a bunch of pix, edited them and consequently have not YET gotten outside with a cup of coffee, something I plan to remedy in one moment.

Trees and clouds

Clematis on wagon wheel trellis

Cows and the Flambeau

Field path to the farm

High water under the Hwy 13 bridge


Old ford

Old Ford
High water on Butternut Lake

These last 2 pictures were taken during a VERY long walk I took on Sunday night.  I'll include the rest of those pictures in a later blogpost....

Oh and yes, I am sure you are thrilled to know I got outside with my coffee this morning.  And found a little early morning joy!

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