Thursday, June 28, 2012

It actually MIGHT become a garden shed.....

Hell HAS frozen over, chapter two......

So in the ongoing saga of the alleged garden shed, so far the area had been cleared, the forms had been assembled, the mesh had ACTUALLY been put down with rebar and drainage and everything!!  I mean, even some PVC for the electrical???? SERIOUSLY???  There's going to be electricity.  Well, how about that!

And so concrete day arrived bright and early.  I ran to the gym in the morning to take the abs and glutes class- let's just say that hurt.  That's all I really need to discuss. So I am driving into the driveway after picking up donuts for heavens sakes.  (I seriously can't believe I did that). And the cement truck was already there.

I want it known I did NOT eat a donut, I wisely sent the extra one home with Mike!

The MA, the Barber and the elusive Mike....

Barber Bob and the MA were in their rubber boots and I texted the elusive Mike and so the whole squad was there.  I got my lovely boots and equally fashionable weird yellow sweatpant/shorts on and headed out to assist.  I ended up doing a little raking but mostly had to make sure the mesh and rerod was in the concrete and not just laying on the gravel below. Oh and then I "got to" do the little left over square things..... NOT too tough.

Other than the pony tail, I barely recognize myself

So after all the shoveling and raking (which I did end up doing a bit of) and leveling and washing was done, we got out the bull nose float.  To get the thing all nice and smooth.  The Barber started doing it, but then asked if I wanted to....  I at first was going to say no, but then I thought, what the heck.

Turns out that I can float concrete!  WELL!!  So, I could be a tiler in the winter and a cement floater in the summer- in case this teaching thing doesn't work out!  Lol

Looks pretty darn good I say!  Well the cement does. This does NOT!!

You knew that I put my touch on this concrete somewhere!!

Until next time, put your own touch of joy into life!!

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