Friday, June 1, 2012

Weeks ahead of the game!

I am FINISHED with the Elementary art room!  I have it all cleaned up- in the put away sense.  Not in the you could eat off the tables and/or floor sense.  AND the HS art room is also way way cleaner than it usually is at this time.  So I should be able to finish my grading by working on it tonight and tomorrow for a while, and then finish sorting and organizing on Monday.....

I'd like to THANK my wonderful students at the HS for helping me get through all of that stuff and a big special thanks to Blake, Olivia and Rachel who either did or is planning to help me out over and above class time.  I couldn't have gotten this far without any of them.

Rachel and Olivia  and I - with some AWEsome new "art shirts" from the elem. 

An almost all around the room panorama of the elem art room.  I'm so thrilled with this- it could be cleaned tomorrow!

Now THIS, ladies and gentlemen, gives the MAD ART TEACHER joy!

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  1. Your art room looks great, and roomy. Love the long tables. I'll show you pictures of mine... at my blog (I'll try to post over the weekend. You have inspired me!) I feel crowded and cramped in my room. No closet. No drawers, and few cabinets. Mostly lots of cubbies, but it's better than working out of a cart.